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About Hyped

Hyped utilizes artificial intelligence to curate thousands of product reviews from real customers and create the ultimate "hyped" score.

Since shopping moved online, we have been bombarded by way too many buying options and contradicting information. This makes it increasingly hard to make a good purchasing choice.

In order to solve this problem, we mixed the latest in Artificial Intelligence with the oldest and most reliable form of shopping advice.

We use our powerful technology to scour the web and find thousands of real reviews from real people who have bought and used a product (that you would consider buying). We investigate what they say, what they liked and what they hated

We then take it up a notch ...

We all care about different things: Some want the best value for money, some care for best outdoor performance, some want the fastest model, and some the best battery life. So, our technology not only listens to what actual buyers say about a product, but also how they praise or critique specific traits.

We then quantify their input in the form of The Hyped Score - a way for you to get to the bottom line fast.

You can see the product’s score based on the qualities you care about most, or you can see the overall best in category, based on the average hyped score. You can research a particular model or see which models are the best-of in various categories.

Hyped makes the web work for you and ensures that you’ll be most satisfied with your next purchase. It’s like buying before paying.